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Tappd That

Your Untappd data, offline.

Take your entire beer history with you wherever you go, even if you're offline. Search your distinct beer list with zero network latency. See what your friends are drinking and comment on their check-ins.

Plus, the fastest check-in experience — through your phone, watch, or Siri®!

Distinct Beers. Without a network.

That was an awesome märzen you had last Oktoberfest...but now you're in the bottle shop a year later and can't remember just which märzen it was. Type a few letters into Tappd That and view your ratings, all without an Internet connection. Each beer has quick links to tasting notes from BeerAdvocate, Untappd, BreweryDB, and RateBeer.

Distinct beer screenshot

Activity feed screenshot

Activity Feed. Beer is social.

You're not the only one enjoying delicious beers this evening. Check out what your friends are drinking. Comment and toast on their check-ins directly from Tappd That. View what badges they've earned and check out any photos they've snapped of their beer.

Quick Check-In. Swipe right. Drink.

Do you drink the same beer all the time? Maybe you're on a date and you shouldn't have your phone out, but you don't want to forget this beer. Find it in your list, swipe right, and put your phone in your pocket. That's it, you're all checked in! Of course, you can swipe left to tag your location and post to Facebook, Twitter, and Swarm if you wish. The choice is yours.

Check-in Screenshot

Apple Watch Screenshot

Wrist-powered. Flaunt your hops.

What's quicker than a quick check-in? A check-in that doesn't even require taking your phone out of your pocket or purse! With the Apple Watch, check-in right from your wrist. Quickly choose from your favorite beers, or use Siri to search for another. Tag your locations and dictate a note, all without touching your phone.

Venues. Remembering bars you wish you forgot.

You're a regular, and now you have the tools to help you. If you tag a check-in with a location, Tappd That will coalesce all those beers into one simple list. No more guessing the name of that beer you had last night.

Venue Screenshot

Hey Siri. Beer me!

You can check in to popular beers using just your voice on your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or HomePod. After enabling the feature in Settings, say "Hey Siri, add beer to my check-in list with Tappd That." Siri will confirm that it can find your beer and add the check-in.

Wishlist Screenshot

Wish List. Save and recall.

Let's face it, you're not the only Untappd user trying desperately to pull up your wish list at GABF to do some trades back at the hotel. Save your wish list to Tappd That to have instant access to the names of those nanobrews you really want to savor. Want to add or remove a beer from your list? Swipe half-right on any beer.

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